De-stress with fun free friday design workshops from the Makerspace

Students who are looking for a fun, free way to de-stress from their online classes can check out the Makerspace workshops provided by the Makerspace at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). The Makerspace workshops are completely beginner-friendly and participants are welcome to share their work and ask any questions, but are not required to.

The Nov. 13 workshop theme was titled Create a Photo with a Silhouette Effect in Photoshop. Within minutes, student participants were able to create Pinterest-worthy photos with the free license of Adobe Photoshop available to them through CSUMB. 

Makerspace coordinator Rachell Hester, who jokingly refers to herself as a “walking YouTube tutorial,” led the workshop. Photoshop can be daunting with all its tools but “there’s like a hundred ways to do almost anything [with the software]” Hester said. 

Throughout the hour-long workshop Hester showed various examples of how to overlay an image on to a silhouette. Many participants shared their work, which showcased a wide range of subject matter and application. 

During the workshop Hester had an unexpected result after clicking a tool. However, it created an interesting effect. “Sometimes you have to just go with it,” Hester said.

CSUMB student Fariah Ain Satti shared her photo, which combined the Disney character toothless with a landscape from the movie.

Hester’s bunny. (Screenshot/Anna Stubler).

Hester’s colored birds example. (Screenshot/Anna Stubler).

Guest Eric Painter, the Fab Lab Program Development Specialist for Monterey County Office of Education, chimed in throughout the session to offer tips. 

He demoed the new Photoshop object selection tool, which allowed him to quickly select the intricate shape of an emu on his picture and overlay a gradient to create a new, whimsical pink emu. He also showed students how to quickly make a coloring page in Photoshop, which could then be printed or digitally colored.

For students who might be missing the in-person Makerspace with its famous 3D printers, sticker and button makers and a myriad of other crafting tools, the Makerspace is sending out Makerspace Maker Kits to current CSUMB students while supplies last. Students must fill out a waiver in order to get the kit. Students who are inspired by the Makerspace workshops and want to try projects on their own, but don’t know where to start can email The Makerspace at [email protected] for advice and help.

The Makerspace holds workshops every Friday and Hester said anyone is welcome to participate, including friends and family. Before attending, be sure to fill out the waiver at

The next workshop is going to be on Nov. 20 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Participants are welcome to come and go throughout the workshop and steps are often repeated for anyone who joins late.

Here is a sneak peak at what the next workshop is going to look like:

Intricate paper snowflake is made by CSUMB student Lydia Kajeckas. (Screenshot/Anna Stubler).

To learn more about the Makerspace check out their Instagram @csumb_makerspace or their website

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