UNO: Intramural Sports’ digital take on game night

Adapting to an online school environment hasn’t been the easiest for many students and staff alike. We have had to find new ways to host events through Zoom and stay connected with the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) community. 

Even though it’s been more difficult, CSUMB students are facing the challenge head-on and finding fun alternatives to the events they would normally host in-person. CSUMB intramural sports mixed technology with competition and held a virtual UNO tournament on Oct. 9. The event was hosted by fourth-year Devon Denhart.

Once all of the participants joined the Zoom call, Denhart went over the rules and how to play. All participants downloaded an app called Houseparty and joined a room together to play UNO. The first person to win 3 rounds would be the winner of the tournament. 

Denhart explained that she isn’t into online sports games like Madden or FIFA. Instead, Denhart prefers playing UNO. Her passion for the game inspired Denhart to host a virtual UNO tournament. 

UNO is a card game where players take turns matching the cards from their hand to the top card shown on the pile. You can match the top card by using either a card with the same color or number. If you don’t have a card to match it, you must draw a new card. The first person to get rid of all the cards in their hand wins the round.

“UNO is scary. Only the most ruthless win,” fourth-year Calvin Norwood said. “Just be as mean as possible. Those should be the official rules to this game.”

There were a total of five participants in the tournament, including Denhart. Even though it was a small group, it made the game feel more personal and like a lighthearted competition between a few friends.

Fourth-year Anna Stubler won the first round of the tournament. “I think it was beginners online UNO luck,” Stubler said. “Honestly I just try to be as mean as possible especially to my friends and whoever is winning.”

After six rounds of UNO, first-year Megan Taylor won her third match and the tournament. Because Taylor won the tournament, she will also be receiving a t-shirt to commemorate her victory. 

“I was just playing for fun,” Taylor said. 

Even though the tournament was over, all five of the participants stuck around for a few more rounds of UNO before ending the call.

“Devon did a great job hosting it and kept the mood up with some of her own playlist’s songs,” Stubler said. “I think it would be great to see more people join to have a more lively competition.”

Currently, there is no set date for another UNO tournament, but Denhart announced she would be happy to host again.

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