Let’s get baked: Sushi deconstructed

California State University, Monterey Bay and the Basic Needs Initiative program led their weekly virtual cooking demonstration on Oct. 15. Providing students with new recipes that don’t break the bank, Cooking with CSUMB allows students to make simple food modifications that accommodate their fast lifestyle. 

Basic Needs Student Assistant Sabrina Lee guided viewers through a hands-on cooking tutorial on how to make Baked Sushi. According to Lee, Baked Sushi is a “deconstructed sushi roll that is baked into a casserole.”

Adaptable for protein, rice and flavoring choices, this easy and simple recipe tackles the Japanese cravings of any hungry Otter.

The Baked Sushi is a meal requiring minimal effort and equipment. Lee advised students to use a rice cooker, baking sheet, baking pan, some spatulas and bowls mix the ingredients together. 

Starting the dish by baking the Salmon anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the salmon, Lee then moved on to cook the rice and smash her avocados to a guacamole-like consistency. 

“Work smarter, not harder,” Lee said. “Line your baking pan with foil to make for an easier cleanup.”

Proper layering is crucial when designing the Baked Sushi casserole. To prevent the layers from sticking, Lee suggested coating the baking pan with an oil or butter cooking spray. Then came the time to create a delicious masterpiece. 

Laying down the seasoned rice, topping with seaweed paper, avocado, salmon and complimenting the dish with a plethora of personal favorites such as Aji Nori Furikake, Lee assembled a mouth-watering oven produced favorite. 

“Eat your heart out,” Lee said. “But remember to exercise after.”

Cooking with CSUMB is hosting their next cooking demonstration on Oct. 22. Host Derek Guiterrez will instruct students how to recreate Baked Chicken and Veggies. Each week, random lucky students are chosen to receive $25 e-gift cards to help purchase groceries and follow along with these recipes at home. 

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