Crave the outdoors with CSUMB’s Campfire Cookin’

COVID-19 has forced students and people alike to switch up their daily routines. Advising only household members to gather, social circles that embrace the great outdoors are left wondering when their next exploration together will safely happen. California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and the recreation team squashed some nature withdrawals by virtually hosting a hands-on, outdoor cooking demonstration on Sept. 24.

Coordinator of outdoor recreation Kaci Turpin first led students through a PowerPoint presentation describing the ingredients and utensils needed to concoct Turpin’s mouthwatering Thai Lime Curry over Couscous. 

Dicing bell pepper and carrots, adhering to the 1:1.5 ratio of water to couscous, topping the vegetable couscous with curry sauce and garnishing with thai lime and chili cashew, this is a recipe guaranteed to satisfy any hungry camper. 

Turpin presented a recording of her cooking the recipe outdoors for students to follow along with, as well as get the full effect of embracing nature. Easily done over an open flame, the recipe calls for minimal prep and cook time. Requiring roughly 20 minutes altogether and serving two portions, Otters that find themselves outdoors have a quick, easy and on-the-go meal to incorporate for their next adventure.

Not feeling outdoorsy? No problem. Turpin’s adaptable recipe is efficient and interchangeable, allowing students to add or take away vegetables to their liking, as well as cook indoors over a stovetop. 

Turpin left the audience feeling comfortable in recreating this appetizing entree. She notes the couscous will be done when “fluffy in texture.” Additionally, using dehydrated coconut milk helps give flavor to the curry. Turpin made sure to remind students that when backpacking in, it’s important to pack smart and lightweight which makes couscous the perfect, travel friendly meal. 

Students seeking to make Turpin’s recipe can find it on the recreation webpage. CSUMB’s outdoor recreation will host another Campfire Cookin’ demonstration on Oct. 28. 

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