Football makes a COVID comeback

The National Football League (NFL) kicked off the 2020 season on Sept. 10 with the Kansas City Chiefs- the defending superbowl champions- and the Houston Texans. Chiefs reigned superior when it came to winning, beating the Texans 34-20.

Fans tuning into this season’s games may notice quite a few differences from last season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, stadium protocol prohibits sideline reporters, mascots, cheerleaders and on-field entertainment. 

Despite the lack of lively game assistance, each stadium is able to determine its own in-person attendance protocols. According to the NFL, the number of employees each team can travel with is reduced and currently only 70 staff members are allowed to travel together at a time.

Rounding up week two of football season, Sept. 20 was jam-packed with back to back games. The Texans found themselves losing again to the hands of the Baltimore Ravens 33-16. The Chiefs continued their winning streak, dominating the San Diego Chargers in overtime 23-20. 

Other winning scores from the day include: Arizona Cardinals against Washington Football Team 30-15, Indianapolis Colts versus Minnesota Vikings 28-11 and Bay Area’s San Francisco 49ers defeating the New York Jets 31-13. 

Fans doubting the safety of players participating in games should worry no longer. The NFL reached an agreement in July 2020, acknowledging athletes that vacate populous areas, such as nightclubs, restaurants and concerts can be found guilty and penalized with monetary fines.

Students who can’t seem to get enough of football can look forward to the season’s week three schedule. The Bay Area’s Oakland Raiders take on the New England Patriots in an away game, while the Green Bay Packers hope to crush the Mardi Gras spirit that is the New Orleans Saints. 

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