What’s your opinion on Zoom/online classes?

Angel Martinez

“I feel that it is unnecessary to take online classes while we pay tuition and
we’re paying for these classes. It feels like we are being cheated out of our education.”

Michael Piesik

“I find Zoom to be tedious and annoying, but I see the necessity of it
considering the situation that we’re in. I don’t think it’s fair to … students that don’t have strong immune systems or elderly students that are endangered because of the virus when the majority is pretty much immune to it. I think there are other people to consider outside ourselves.”

Kaiku Kaholoaa

“I definitely prefer in-person or face-to-face interactions when it comes to learning, but honestly, I believe the school should do what’s best for the students and at this time, it means doing the classes online. Although I don’t like it, the school is just doing what it can for the students.”

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