How to fight shelter-in-place boredom

Since California has extended its shelter-in-place order to April 30, many of us have been struggling to find fun ways to spend our time indoors. Although going outside for some exercise and sun each day is encouraged, there’s still plenty of time left in the day that we spend in our homes. To avoid boredom and the occasional feelings of being stir-crazy, here are seven activities to occupy your time indoors!

Do a puzzle

Puzzles, especially large ones, definitely take a lot of time and brain power to complete, but as of now, all we’ve got is spare time! Putting on your favorite music while assembling a puzzle can really take you away from the outside world for a while, and in times like these, that sense of escapism is truly appreciated. Plus, when you finally finish that puzzle, you’ll feel the most triumphant sense of accomplishment!

Play Monopoly

The reason this board game is perfect for the shelter-in-place is because it takes hours to finish! I’m pretty sure it could last for days if no one goes bankrupt. It’s such a fun game to play with the family members or roommates you live with at home, where you can all bond over some friendly competition.

Have a photoshoot

Surprisingly, it only takes a few simple items to build an at home photo studio! If you have a white or light-colored sheet, some tape, some lights and/or candles, and a cellphone, you’re in the clear! Hang up the sheet against a wall in your house with tape, place some lights or candles around it, and place your phone in the distance to snap some cool pictures of yourself! This gives you a reason to get dressed up and have fun either by yourself or with your housemates. When you’re done, you can post and share your awesome takes!

Say hi to your distant friends and family

Although many of us are distancing ourselves from our loved ones, we have the gift of technology to help us connect with them! Call, FaceTime, or Skype those loved ones who aren’t in the house with you as much as you can. Trust me, it feels different than texting them! You can even schedule calls with different friends and family members to have not only a sense of scheduling in your day, but also to keep having those awesome conversations with them.

Cook something new

With all your newfound free time, you have the opportunity to make that dish you’ve always wanted to! I recommend using the “Tasty” app to find fun and clearly laid out recipes. Make something complicated or different or from an unfamiliar style of cuisine, challenge yourself! It’ll be a great project during your time inside.

Do some spring cleaning

Decluttering is quite tedious and annoying, but being sheltered inside gives you a perfect time to get it done. Plus, cleaning your house is like cleaning your mind! Once your space is spick-and-span, so is your mentality!

Have a webcam hangout

Thank you again, Internet! With online webcam apps like Skype, Google Hangouts and Discord, you can meet with tons of your friends online for free. This can be used for simple chats, or you and your friends can turn the meeting into a themed night! You can play card games with each other, have a double-date night, girls night, and more over webcam! Having a themed webcam night makes it feel like you’re at a party or out on the town, and is a great way to bring back a little normalcy into this shelter-in-place.

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