Students glow at Open Mic Night

The Residents Housing Association (RHA) and Living Learning Programs (LLP) collaborated to put on the first themed Open Mic Night of the year. On March 8, RHA and LLP hosted a glow-in-the-dark themed Open Mic Night.

The event lasted from 7 to 9 p.m. and had a variety of different acts throughout the night. There were a total of 21 performers.

RHA handed out glow sticks to everyone in the audience and provided glow-in-the-dark face paint for people to use. Performers and audience members enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark aspect.

Throughout the night, there was a mix of newcomers to Open Mic Night and those who have gone to many.

“I’ve gone to around 13? I started going and performing in December of 2018, and performed at almost every single one since then, so maybe I just don’t know how to count,” joked Dominic Kausin, the second performer for the night.

Kausin performed “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe.

“I only got into performing because I feel it will help me get over my stage fright, although, it never really gets easier for me,” Kausin said. “My mind usually blanks and I forget words or chords. Aside from that, I like to spread my taste in music. I started performing in high school at talent shows, I always played ukulele.”

At every Open Mic Night, there are a variety of different performances. This time, there were eight people who recited their poetry, 12 singing performances and one comedy act. Four of the singing performers sang their original songs.

“My favorite part about Open Mic Night is seeing all the talent behind the students of CSUMB. I find it hard to follow up everyone,” Lara said. “Open Mic Night is also really cool when you get to hear original songs and spoken word because you get to understand someone else’s story in a meaningful way.”

One of the last performers of the evening was by Phillip Nakashian, better known as Philly Kash, who sang and did a robotic-esque dance to go with the song. Kash put a smile on the audiences faces with his dance moves.

The date of the next Open Mic Night hasn’t been announced yet.

“I strongly recommend anyone to go and perform if you’re comfortable! It has definitely helped me get out of my shell and made me build a lot of confidence,” Kausin said.

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