What to know about Reservation Days

Reservation Days for next year are quickly approaching. The prepayment period opened on Feb. 3 and applications are set to open on Feb. 24.

For freshmen or students attending their first year at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), they might not be familiar with what Reservation Days are and how they work.

CSUMB’s new housing director, Dr. Jeff Cooper, helped explain the process by hosting a public forum on Jan. 27, explaining why participating in Reservation Days is so important.

“We know money for all of you is tight,” said Cooper, “and it’s something we are very sensitive to.” After expressing concern for CSUMB students well being, Cooper continued to go over the details of the Reservation Days process.

“Participating in Reservation Days is important because it helps ensure you have on-campus housing for the next academic year,” Cooper said. “Participation also ensures that eligible returning residents maintain Rate Lock.” This means students will pay the housing rates of the current academic school year, even if the housing prices increase for incoming students in the next year.

More information on the Rate Lock initiative can be found at csumb.edu/housing/rate-lock.

“Reservation Days is our annual housing selection process when returning students can select their rooms for the following academic year,” Cooper said. “First, students must pay the $200 Reservation Fee before they can participate. Next, students access the MyHousing portal at their pre-assigned time to reserve a room.”

“During their time in the MyHousing portal, they will navigate room options, roommate selection, and be asked to review and sign the Housing License,” Cooper said. “This year, while students are applying in the MyHousing portal, there will be key changes at the top of the page in which they sign their license.”

One of the best parts about Reservation Days is students are given the opportunity to choose who they will live with in the next academic year. One change to this year’s Reservation Days is students can only choose roommates or housemates in groups of three, differing from last year’s max of six people in a reservation group. That being said, it is good for students to actually know how to go about making this selection through MyHousing and what the different types of reservations are.

“Reservation Days 2020 will include three key selection periods: Same Bed, Displaced, and Academic Classification,” Cooper said. “‘Same Bed’ reservations are available to current residents if their unit/bed is not dedicated for first-year housing, Living-Learning Programs or theme housing in 2020-2021.

“During ‘Displaced’ reservations, time is set aside for students who are not able to participate in Same Bed reservations due to the creation/expansion of Living-Learning Programs and theme communities,” Cooper said. “However, displaced reservations are not for students in dedicated first-year housing. Finally, during the Academic Classification period, students reserve rooms in the order of their academic classification.”

That being said, there are still some things students need to pay attention to if they want to have the best chance at getting the exact room they want.

“The best way is to pay attention to the materials we send out, pay the $200 reservation fee by the Feb. 21 deadline and log into the MyHousing portal during their assigned time,” Cooper said.

For students attending CSUMB for the first time, this can seem like a lot of information to take in and is rather daunting.

“I would recommend current first-time freshmen pay attention to the information we are sending out about Reservation Days and attend an Information Session,” Cooper said. “We encourage all students to read information thoroughly and ask questions to ensure they understand the terms and processes they are participating in. First-time freshmen cannot participate in Displaced reservations but, they will be able to select rooms during the Academic Classification period.”

The schedule for information sessions can be found at csumb.edu/housing/reservation-days.

“Student Housing & Residential Life is absolutely committed to a positive campus experience for our students,” Cooper said. “This year, we are sending our Reservation Days information through several approaches such as email, CSUMB Dashboard alerts, digital signs, and social media to promote the changes we are making.”

Full information about Reservation Days can be found on the Reservation Days webpage at csumb.edu/housing/reservation-days.

Students should reach out to housing’s customer relations team in any of the following ways if they are in need of assistance with their reservations:
In Person: Student Housing & Residential Life Office, Student Center (Bldg 12E)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (831) 582-3378

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