Tatted Otters: David Ledesma

Freshman David Ledesma has just recently begun his tattoo journey. He got his first tattoo on Oct. 22 of this year. Ledesma’s tattoo is fairly simple in style, but it holds a much deeper meaning to him.

“I have a silhouette of a redwood tree on my inner arm. Redwood forests were a happy place of mine during an otherwise unhappy period of time,” he said.

Photo courtesy of David Ledesma.

Before getting his tattoo, Ledesma made sure to spend plenty of time researching different shops and artists so he was sure to be happy with his results.

“I thought about one for a while and I did a bunch of research on shops in the area. When I found the right place, I just had to have it done,” he said.

Obviously, getting tattooed isn’t the most comfortable experience. Depending on where someone is getting tattooed and how high their pain tolerance is, it can just be a bit uncomfortable or it can be really painful.

“The tattoo process was super fun and extremely painful,” Ledesma said. “It was interesting because I watched the tattoo be done, as I really wanted to see it. It was weird and amazing to see the needle moving on your skin and leave behind a piece of art. Overall, I’m very pleased and happy with it.”

Even though it was a painful experience, it was definitely worth it for Ledesma, as he left the studio with something he was happy with. The pain that comes with getting tattooed is only temporary, while the art you get lasts a lifetime.

Ledesma isn’t done with getting tattooed yet. He plans on getting at least one more tattoo in the future.

“I plan on getting an ocean related tattoo on my other arm,” he said.

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