If you are hoping to be front row for your favorite band, queuing is the way to go. While this may seem intimidating at first, it’s a great way to meet other fans and add an additional experience to your show. Here are a few tips to ensure your first time queuing goes smoothly.

Make friends

Sitting next to someone all day can be awkward without making conversation. Remember you’re both there for the same reason – ask them about the band or what their favorite song is. If they’re kind, they’ll be more than willing to save your spot if you need to leave the line at any point before the show.

Bring snacks

Packaged foods such as nuts, dried mango, protein bars, jerky and granola are convenient and a great source of nutrients when you can’t have a full meal. Other options include bringing a premade peanut butter and jelly sandwich or raw fruits that don’t produce a lot of waste.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is key when queuing outside for multiple hours. If you aren’t looking to spend $10 on a water inside the venue, bring a couple of reusable bottles to refill at nearby public drinking fountains or restaurants. Gatorade is another great way to stay hydrated, as it replenishes your electrolytes and tastes great.

Be comfortable

If you have a car to keep things in while at the show, don’t be afraid to overpack. Lawn chairs, blankets, jackets, sunscreen and books are nice to have while in line, but shouldn’t be brought into the venue. Be prepared for anything, as extreme weather conditions may ruin your experience outside.


Waiting outside all day can have a huge impact on your body and devices, so it’s important to keep both charged. Portable charges are fairly cheap and a great way to keep your phone alive without an electrical outlet. As for your own energy, try to take a nap before doors open and keep your spirits lifted.

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