Tatted Otters: Bri Kriesel

Getting tattoos can be a very fun and exciting experience, whether it’s your first tattoo or your 30th. Senior Bri Kriesel currently has seven tattoos and has loved getting all of them.

Kriesel started her tattoo journey at a younger age than some. In California, you must be 18 to get a tattoo. In other states, if a minor gets parental consent, they are legally allowed to get a tattoo.

“[I got my first tattoo] when I was 16 in Vegas. My family talked me into it,” Kriesel said.

“[I have a] colorful flower on my right shoulder, lotus flower on my left wrist, sun on top of my right foot, lion on my left ankle, Alaska trees, mountain [and] moose on [my] left arm above elbow, giraffe behind ear, [and a] swallow on [my] forearm right under [my] elbow,” she said.

While some people enjoy getting tattoos with a significant meaning, other people enjoy getting tattoos just because they like the way the design looks. For Kriesel, it is a mix of both.

For the flower on her shoulder, Kriesel got it because she liked the design and “thought it was pretty.”

However, her other flower tattoo holds an important meaning to her. “Lotus flowers grow in mud, [it is] symbolic for going through some really rough things at the time,” she explained.

Some people have also chosen to get matching tattoos with either a friend or family member. Kriesel’s sun tattoo is meant to be a matching tattoo with her sister. “[It was a] goodbye present for my sister; she got the moon,” she said.

Kriesel has even gotten tattooed in a different continent. “[I] got it while in Africa right after a safari,” she explained, in regards to her lion tattoo.

As for her other two animal tattoos, she got the giraffe because it is her favorite animal. The swallow was a Friday the 13th tattoo. “It was cheap,” she said.

Kriesel’s Alaska tattoo is a symbol of her home state.

Kriesel is someone who is decently experienced with the tattoo process and has enjoyed iteach time.

“[It’s] really great! The most painful one was the swallow on my forearm, but even that wasn’t too bad. I love getting tattoos,” she exclaimed.

Kriesel is very excited to keep adding to her tattoo collection in the future. “There’s still plenty of space for them! My next one is most likely going to be something to represent California,” she said.

Getting tattooed can be nerve wracking, especially if it’s someone’s first time. It can be helpful to get advice from someone who’s had experience getting tattooed.

“Don’t be afraid of the needle. It’s just like being pinched, not too painful. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork on your body afterwards. Also, don’t make any hasty decisions, but don’t worry too much about ‘regretting it’ in the future,” she advised.

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