Ode to October

“we fell in love in october” by girl in red

Popular for singing love songs about the same gender, this song is a reflection on a relationship that started in October. The lyrics, “We fell in love in October, that’s why I love fall. Looking at the stars, admiring from afar,” demonstrate how easy it is to associate things with people you love and how something as permanent as stars seem so new with the right person.

“October 12” by Devendra Banhart

Despite being sung in Spanish, the song’s English translation tells a tragic story of a loved one passing away in a hospital, presumably on Oct. 12. The lyrics, “Everything was becoming a fleeting pink. I don’t remember anymore, nor can I forget,” portray feelings of disbelief and devastation to the listener.

“October” by Broken Bells

This song discusses the well-being of a younger sister who seems too sure of herself and trying to grow up too fast. The lyrics, “I come by light of an Autumn moon. Sister you know enough, but for now, just let it go,” refers to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the singer wanting his sister to reflect on herself before making any more life-altering decisions.

“October Skies” by Mumford & Sons

In this ballad, Mumford & Sons are singing about a love they hope to keep throughout the season. The song’s muse is too good to be true, causing the singer to become too distracted by their fears of it ending, only for their silhouette to remind them they haven’t left. The lyrics, “I’m blinded by the lights of October skies. These postcard memories evade my eyes,” demonstrate the picturesque nature of the love between these two people.

“October Road” by James Taylor

The title track of James Taylor’s 15th studio album, “October Road” has a sense of nostalgia that makes the listener feel as though they are alongside Taylor on his stroll. With lyrics like, “Keep me walking, October road. Keep me walking in the sunshine, yeah. A little friend of mine, October road, help me now,” Taylor captures October’s brisk weather and warm feeling of comfort.

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