How to have an eeek-o Halloween

Halloween, like other holidays, is often frightful with over-consumptive behavior and waste. Though have no fear, you can be less impactful and still have fun.

Total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $9 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, which is the second-highest in the survey’s 14-year history.

Celebrants are planning to spend about an average of $86.79. Additionally, most costumes are purchased (for way too much money) and only worn once before being discarded or forgotten. They are also commonly made from non-recyclable synthetic materials. I want to provide you all with some eeek-o friendly tips that you and your wallet will thank me for.

Thrift, borrow, DIY – oh my!

Get comfy, pull out your laptop, pour yourself a cup of tea and get crafty! Hit up your friendly neighborhood Pinterest. Instead of buying a pre-made costume, consider reusing or recycling costumes from previous years or even make your own from things you already have in the house. Goodwill and other donations stores have complete costumes for purchase or also have materials to make your own. (Want to be a mummy? Buy an old white sheet and tear it into strips).

You can go even further – are you worried about plastic in the ocean? Pick up litter in your community or at the beach, glue it to blue and green fabric and voila, you are the North Pacific Gyre.

Green is the new orange

Throwing a green Halloween party will ensure you have fun without harmful effects on the environment. Start by sending electronic invites instead of paper. Use glassware and washable utensils or look for recyclable or compostable plates, cups and utensils, rather than the kind that winds up in the trash. If you are having an event on campus, consider renting out Otterware from the Dining Commons!

Buy local

Buy your pumpkins or gourds at a local pumpkin patch. Not only are you supporting the local economy, but also you don’t have to travel far. When the spooky season is over, compost your pumpkin. East Campus community can bring it to the compost bin at Saratoga Center, just be sure it’s not painted.

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