Where do you think most of your college tuition goes; where do you hope it goes?

Question: Where do you think most of your college tuition goes; where do you hope it goes?

“I hope it goes to resources to help students – maybe tutoring and workshops. I think tuition is too high and I wish it were lower. I’d be okay with paying the amount we do if there was a good amount of advertising where there’s actual places to get help. I know there’s tutoring here, but I’ve heard that it’s not all that great. I wish I could see where all my money went divided into, so I could see where it goes like health services, etc.”

Kimberly Soto, Junior Psychology Major

“I imagine most of it probably goes to the up-keeping of campus and providing for services on campus like tutoring, teacher salaries and whatnot that’s available. That’s I where I hope it goes, at least.”

Christian Harvey, Junior Marine Science Major

“I feel like a lot of it is going towards the construction and stuff that the school is building. I mean, it’s fine that it’s going to construction because that’ll benefit a lot of students, but I also hope it goes to some departments that don’t get as much funding.”

Grace Fairbourn, Junior Biology Major

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