What was the highlight of your summer?

“I spent 10 incredible days touring Japan. During my time, I bounced between Tokyo, Osaka and Nara. It was an experience of a lifetime, without a doubt. I got to feed the deer that hang out around Nara, they’re surprisingly aggressive. They’ve learned that tourists equal food, so that was interesting. I can’t wait to go again.”

Jon Dudrey, Junior Japanese Language & Culture Major

“I got to go to New York and New Jersey for the first time. It was really humid there, and the weather was crazy with thunder and lightning, while it was hot at the same time. I went to West Point Military Academy and the Purple Heart Hall of Honor with my boyfriend, it was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of cool stuff.”

Melisa Garcia, Freshman Collaborative Health & Human Services Major

“The highlight for me was coming to the states. I’m from the UK, and it’s been nice soaking up the sun and being somewhere more dry. It doesn’t rain 24 hours of every day here like it does back home. I had to take the Amtrak from LA to get here, and it really gave me a sense for how large and far away everything is here.”

Lucy Smith, Junior Biology Major

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