How to participate in Record Store Day 2019

The twelfth annual Record Store Day is taking place all over the world on Saturday, April 13. Record Store Day was created with independent stores, artists and labels in mind, celebrating the DIY aspect of the music industry that it was built on. Currently being managed by Michael Kurtz and Carrie Colliton, in coordination with Michael Bunnell and Eric Levin, Record Store Day continues to bring together fans and artists everywhere through their local independent record stores by providing exclusive music releases and live performances.

Courtney Barnett is releasing “Everybody Here Hates You” on 12-inch vinyl, which includes the title track and her single from last October, “Small Talk,” limited to 2000 copies. “Black Lipstick” is being released by Chicano Batman on 12-inch dark blue vinyl for the first time, featuring the title track and an instrumental version of the title track, as well as new songs “Scab” and “Portal of Yarn,” limited to only 1500 copies.

Following the release of their debut album last month, Wallows is releasing “Trust Fall”/”Just Like A Movie” on 7-inch colored vinyl. The band has gained a major following in their short time together, partly due to their guitarist being Dylan Minnette of “13 Reasons Why.” Modest Mouse’s new single “Poison The Well” is being released on 7-inch mint green triangular vinyl, along with new song “I’m Still Here,” limited to 1500 copies.

The Grateful Dead’s “The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 10/9/80 & 10/10/80” is being released on a double LP, limited to 10000 copies, as well as 6000 CDs. The album features two acoustic sets from when the band celebrated their 15th anniversary at The Warfield in San Francisco in October of 1980.

It is advised for people to call their local stores ahead of time to confirm they will be carrying the release they are interested in purchasing, or to request a copy be sent there for pickup. Arrive early, as lines forms hours prior to a store’s opening in hopes of picking up a popular release. Have a list of releases that you want and a limit of how much money you’re planning to spend, or else you may end up spending far more than you had originally bargained for.

If you would like to participate in this year’s Record Store Day, check out any of these local independent record stores: Siren Records at 527 Ramona Avenue in Monterey; Recycled Records at 604 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey; and Vinyl Revolution at 309-B Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove.

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