Valentine’s Day playlist

Give the gift of music this Valentine’s Day! If you’re having trouble verbalizing your romantic feelings for someone (or just forgot to buy a present and are scrambling for a solution), there are plenty of songs to help explain your love.

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“Yr Face” by Oberhofer

“Yr Face” is a love song full of examples of pure admiration for someone else and the childlike feelings a person in love can embody. The line, “When I saw your face, I knew I was in love right away,” makes several appearances throughout the song, emphasizing Oberhofer’s certainty of love at first sight with his muse.

“Try” by Molly Burch

If you’re dealing with unrequited love, Burch’s debut album “Please Be Mine” is the perfect Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Whether you’re listening by yourself or attempting to share your feelings with someone else, the line, “Sweetheart, won’t you call my name? Wouldn’t it be so nice if we felt the same?” is sure to evoke some emotion.

“100 Million” by Charlie Hilton

In collaboration with Mac Demarco, Hilton’s “100 Million” serves as the perfect song for a pair of lovers to slow dance to. The line, “We fall in love but we keep falling, don’t we?” reiterates the message of the timelessness of a love such as that being described, one that lasts over centuries.

“I Only Have Eyes for You” by Tashaki Miyaki

Originally written in 1934 by Al Dubin and Harry Warren, this song has been a staple for lovers for generations and has been covered by artists including Frank Sinatra, Art Garfunkel, Rod Stewart, and The Flamingos. The line, “My love must be some kind of blind love, I can’t see anyone but you,” demonstrates the overwhelming feeling that love can possess.

“For You” by Tobias Jesso Jr.

After being discovered and signed by Adele back in 2015, Jesso’s love songs have been heard by millions. The line, “I would do anything for you, but you are the only thing good in my life,” reaffirms Jesso’s dedication and appreciation for his muse, and the positivity they bring.

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