University police speak on recent car break-ins

After it was discovered that several cars had been broken into in Lot 508 on Jan. 27, many students at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) were feeling on edge, worried their vehicles and belongings may be next.

However, it seems that CSUMB students can relax a bit when it comes to this issue. Detective Heather Murphy of the University Police Department was asked if there have been any other car theft incidents since those reported on Jan. 27 and she assured that “no, there [have] not. None that have been reported, at least.”

Murphy also advised to “make sure your valuables are kept out of sight. We see phones and other items inside cars all the time when patrolling.” Safety tips were provided in an email sent out about the crimes a few weeks ago and are also posted on the UPD website at

Despite no other cars being reported as broken into, it is important to remain vigilant, as no suspects have been identified and “it’s still an open investigation.” If you have any information regarding these recent crimes, you can report them anonymously by calling 831-655-0268. Of course, if you are in an emergency situation, always call 911.

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