Homeshake’s airy new album, “Helium”

On Feb. 15, Homeshake’s most recent album “Helium” was released through Sinderlyn records. Also known as Peter Sagar, the former member of Mac Demarco’s live band has released four albums since pursuing a solo career in 2014.

“Helium” was announced in November of 2018 and was followed by promotional singles “Like Mariah,” “Nothing Could Be Better,” “Just Like My” and “Another Thing.” It’s been two years since Sagar’s last album “Fresh Air,” which received overwhelmingly positive reviews among music critics and fans alike, creating pretty high expectations for what was to follow.

The first single “Like Mariah” is an introspective look inside Sagar’s insecurities regarding his voice, comparing himself and his musical abilities to Mariah Carey. This theme is also present in the third single “Just Like My” in which Sagar sings, “Voice goes high like helium does,” while alluding to the album’s title.

Throughout his discography, Sagar has continued the evolution of his lo-fi, snythpop sound that was first established with debut album “In the Shower.” In comparison to previous albums, Sagar may not take as many creative risks with “Helium,” but is consistent with his signature beats, shorter instrumentals and vocals that seem to drift away with the music.

Despite the album’s standalone strength and progression of Sagar as an artist, some fans disagree with the direction in which his music is taking. Reddit user u/PigsTortillaChips said, “This album really didn’t do it for me, felt like his laziest album, just seemed to me like a whole bunch on the same synth loops with weird high pitched vocals with weak melodies.”

If you’re a fan of synthesizers, R&B or stripped-down beats that are equally relaxed as they are danceable, “Helium” is sure to lift your spirits.

You can listen to “Helium” on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere music lives.

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