Behind the name: Tanimura & Antle Memorial Library

It takes a village to complete a project like the construction of a university campus. Whether that village is made up of wealthy investors, state committees or members of a community, it will ultimately be a team effort. In this mini-series, we’ll take a look at some of the names, people and families that have been honoured for their contribution to our campus, starting with the Tanimura & Antle Memorial Library.

We owe particular thanks for our comfortably equipped library to, big surprise, the Tanimura & Antle company, renown for their growing and selling of vegetables and produce across central California. Founded in 1982 by George Tanimura and Bob Antle, and built on many years of previous affiliation, the company flourished based on the Tanimura’s growing expertise and the packing and shipping experience.

Particularly, we owe the library to Bob Antle, who was not only focused on his agriculture, but was also very involved in the community here in the Monterey Bay area with all kinds of similar endeavors. In the past, Bob Antle was president of the President’s Council at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) here on campus, as well as the founder of Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc.

His focus on immigration reform and the California water crisis led to the creation of charities like the Bob Antle Scholarship Fund, and of course the donation of our library, all earning him an honorary doctorate from CSUMB and his appointment to the California State Senate Commission of Agricultural Worker Housing & Health.

Unfortunately, as the final puzzle piece of the library’s name suggests, Bob passed in 2013, with his son Rick taking up the reins and continuing to build on what the combined effort of the families has accomplished and overcome.

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