Losing streak for CSUMB Basketball

On Nov. 29, California State University, Monterey Bay’s (CSUMB) basketball teams played against University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Followed by games against California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) on Dec. 1. All four games, men’s and women’s, were played at CSUMB in the Otter Sports Center.

The first game was men’s basketball CSUMB against UCSD. CSUMB held the lead until halfway through the game when UCSD started to outscore the team and eventually, moved into the lead. At the time the score was 46-33 with CSUMB putting up a strong fight. For the rest of the game, UCSD kept their lead on CSUMB by over ten points. At the end of the game UCSD came out on top with a score of 72-61.

CSUMB’s men’s team then went up against CSUDH. The Otters were unstoppable for the first half of the game and were heading toward victory. CSUDH, however, was able to catch up and in the final 10 seconds of the game the score was all tied up at 84 points. The tension for CSUMB’s win became palpable in the auditorium. Despite the pressure for CSUMB to come ahead, a CSUDH player ran down the court and making a layup with less than two seconds remaining on the clock. CSUDH was victorious winning the game 86-84.

The following games were by CSUMB’s women’s team against UCSD and CSUDH. The first game, against UCSD was a hard blow for the CSUMB women’s basketball team. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 26-7. UCSD had been able to maintain a high point lead for the rest of the game. The Otters put up a strong fight but in the end UCSD reigned victorious as they ended the game with a score of 77-41.

The women’s team put up another strong fight against CSUDH. Our Otters kept a lead for a portion of the first quarter not willing to be defeated so easily after their battle with UCSD. After the first quarter CSUDH took the lead and although the Otters never lost sight of victory, CSUDH won the game 70-48.

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