Fun with furry friends

On Nov. 15, the Resident Housing Association (RHA) of California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) hosted the “You Goat to be Kidding Me” petting zoo in the main quad of campus. The petting zoo was a fun event for students to attend before heading home for Thanksgiving and fall break.

The petting zoo featured a variety of adorable animals including baby goats, bunnies, different kinds of chickens and even a small pig. Any animal lover was guaranteed to have a good time at the zoo, and large numbers of students came to check it out.

Many students took pictures with the animals as well. First year student, Grace Douglas, for example, posted a picture of her friend on Snapchat holding one of the bunnies with the caption “she’s as happy as she’s ever been.” Certainly, it is difficult not to be happy while holding a fluffy bunny.

Students were allowed to go in small groups into the enclosure for three minutes at a time to pet, hold and photograph the animals. While many students wanted to stay with the animals for longer, the time limit was very important because of the long line of students waiting their turn. Students were welcome to get in line to go in a second time if they wanted to do so.

Although it’s unknown if the RHA will host another petting zoo event, it would definitely be welcomed by CSUMB students. Most students do not have any sort of pet on campus because of housing rules, so any time spent with our furry animal friends is always fun.

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