Letter from the AS President (March 1)

Hey Otters!

Now that the semester is in full swing and midterms are right around the corner, I hope that you are finding the balance that you deserve in your life. It’s been a wild ride over in the AS office and we have been so busy working to make sure your voice is heard and represented in all campus and state discussions.

Unfortunately, for a second year in a row, we may be facing a potential tuition increase. Governor Brown released his proposed budget, and the California State University (CSU) allocation falls 35% short of what we actually need to operate. In response to this deficit, the CSU system has a couple options:

  1. Increase tuition
  2. Cut vital courses and programs
  3. Find alternative funding

My vote is for number three, and you can rest assured that your AS officers will be doing everything in our power to hold our elected officials accountable and to get a fully funded CSU.

One of the things we will be doing to advocate for full funding is travelling to Sacramento on March 12 with a group of students to sit down with four of our elected representatives and make the case for why they should fight the Governor’s original budget proposal and support the CSU system. After this, we will also be sending a delegate to Washington DC to advocate for your needs on the federal level. Stay tuned for phone banking, letter writing, and other opportunities to fight against a tuition increase.

In order to better hear and respond to your concerns, I will also be doing a new event with President Ochoa this semester, Pizza with the Presidents. There will be free pizza and open dialogue with President Ochoa and myself on March 5 from 12-1pm in the East Lounge of the Student Center. Stop by and share any of your thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns!

Good luck with midterms and remember, spring break is close! You can do it!

Lauren McClain
AS President
[email protected]
Student Center, Room 125

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