Letter from the AS President (February 8)

Welcome back Otters! We are glad to be back for this spring semester.

It is time for Associated Students elections! Every current student will have the opportunity to run for any one of our executive or senator positions such as President, College of Business, Undeclared Senator, Sustainability Senator and many more.  I would highly encourage you to get involved to make the most out of your time here at CSUMB.  If you are interested in running for an elected position in the Associated Students, you will need an elections packet (found online at csumb.edu/as/election).

We are also excited to introduce a new position known as the Basic Needs Senator. This senator will work on basic needs issues, which includes food and housing security as well as mental well-being and overall financial support. As a valuable position in relation to student needs, this senator will manage and develop the Food Pantry, its volunteers, and ensure its success. They will also be a liaison to the financial aid office and an overall valuable asset to the campus population.

Right now our Vice President of External Affairs, Jared Reyes is working with various campus departments and administration in cooperation with Everyone’s Harvest, in order to create an on-campus farmer’s market to support the local agricultural industry and bring fresh food to campus. This farmer’s market is expected to launch next fall, stay tuned for a survey coming soon which will help us understand what best works for you

Lastly, due to a lack of funding from the state budget for the CSU system, the Chancellor’s Office is proposing another tuition increase. The final vote on this tuition increase will take place in March of this year.  You can rest assured that we, as your Associated Students, will do everything in our power to make sure this does not happen.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or stop by our office at any time!  You can reach me at [email protected] and our office is located in Room 125 of the Student Center, near the women’s restroom.

Until next time!

Lauren McClain
AS President

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