Drake Bell Interview

“We have some snakes in the audience. I’m hearing a lot of hissing” Drake Bell said when he stopped halfway through playing his iconic song I Found A Way. Bell corrected all of his fans as they were screaming along to the theme song for popular Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh.

“If you open up your mind, see what’s inside. It’s going to take some time to REALIGN not Realise.” Bell said as the crowd audibly gasped with the realisation that they had been singing their favorite childhood theme song incorrectly.

“I know. I wrote it.” He said before finishing the highly anticipated song.  

“It’s kind of a childhood ruiner” he finished with as the crowd erupted in screaming and applause at the end of his acoustic set.

Bell put on an amazing show Wednesday night at the Black Box Cabaret. He came to CSUMB on his Honest- EP tour. With only him and his guitar he was able to rock the entire house and leave fans starstruck and in awe.

He performed some of his fan favorites such as: Bitchcraft, Makes Me Happy, and Runaway. As a surprise to the fans he also performed a few cover songs: Slow Hands by Niall Horan, Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Blackbird by The Beatles.

When he finished his performance he hid backstage as fans poured out of the Black Box. Many fans were able to pay for a Meet and Greet with the artist by purchasing a t-shirt.

With the help of Associated Students, Ashley Orcutt (Lutrinae Editor in Chief)  and I, were able to interview Drake Bell after his performance.

Here is an excerpt from that interview:

The Lutrinae: What came first for you music of acting?

Drake Bell: Acting first, I started acting when I was like 5 years old. I was really young. I started playing guitar probably around 12. I was 13 or 14 started writing songs and putting bands together.

The Lutrinae: Where did you get your inspiration for Honest?

Drake Bell: Well, most of my songs are kind of just from life. Life in general. Love found and love lost. The record I released before was a cover album of songs that inspired me      growing up, so I felt very stifled and I hadn’t been writing. When I got into the studio to being writing Honest, we started with Leaves and that sort of was the  catalyst for this whole new sound. Honest is just when you bare your soul to someone else and you expect for them to the same in return and they just do the opposite. I think that it’s always best to be Honest.

The Lutrinae: What’s your favorite part about releasing new music?

Drake Bell: Seeing the fan reactions.  Being able to get up on stage and play a song an hearing people singing the lyrics. When it’s a song that you wrote at home in your bedroom wondering if anyone is going to think it’s stupid. Then you go to a show and people are singing along. That’s the coolest.

The Lutrinae: What can we hope to see more of from you in the future?

Drake Bell: I have a movie coming out in April called Cover Versions with Debbie Ryan and Austin Swift, Taylor Swift’s brother. American Satan came out last year and that’s doing really well around the world. But mostly I am really focused on my music and excited to keep touring.

And last but not least.

The Lutrinae: Do you really love Disneyland as much as all the rumors say?

Drake Bell: I was there yesterday! I had one day off this week and I had to go to Disney. And my favorite ride right now has to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. I am a Disneyland purist so I hate when they change things, but they did it right. From start to finish it’s a great ride.

Bell continues on his Honest tour and encourages everyone to see Cover Versions when it is released later this year.

The Lutrinae thanks Associated Students for allowing us the opportunity to meet and interview Drake Bell.


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