An inside look at Ottermedia

Creativity, music, and interesting talk shows all come together with the help of one club, Ottermedia (one word). This student ran organization helps students create their own radio show to showcase on California State University, Monterey Bay’s website. It also can be seen on  television on campus channel 71.1, or on mobile devices via TuneIn. Currently, Otter Media is  looking for new student recruits for this semester to create their own radio shows.

Mark Bramble hosts The Metal Cage on Fridays from 10 p.m. to midnight on Ottermedia. Bramble has offered a show for several years. He said he has had an “amazing experience” with his show. He likes that he can talk about things happening on campus and not just music.

Disc Jockeys (DJs) can play whatever they want; they just need to be mindful of swear words.

Jose Marin Ottermedia music director, encourages students to join Ottermedia to broadcast their diverse student voice on campus and to share a variety of topics and viewpoints through the shows.

Students can have different guests on the show, they can host interviews, and they can talk about topics that are important. On his show, Marin has turntables and mixes music of different genres.

Anmol Sandhu said students should join and not be worried about lacking the skills to start their own show in the beginning. Students are taught the skills they need to be successful DJs as part of the Ottermedia program.

It is also good experience to put on their resumes when it comes to communication and management, since students develop their communication skill through hosting and producing skills through developing the show content, said Sandhu. Another aspect of experience students get from hosting their own shows is a better understanding on how to work tech equipment, which can come in handy for future jobs.

Sandhu explains his show as a work in progress, since his audience never knows what to expect; each of his shows are a bit different than the one before. He has acting skits on his show each week, and tries to attract people of all different tastes by playing different genres of music.

Mia Ford does a show with Zoey Kriegmont, called the Sardonic Sardines where they talk about whatever they feel like that day. They talk about weekly conspiracy theories with nothing to go off of.

The best part of their show is that their audience cannot explain it, and it is all based off of raw humor, said Ford. She encourages students to join the Ottermedia since it only a commitment of two hours a week and it is a great way to get involved on campus.

Members of the Ottermedia encourage students to look out for 35 plus new shows this semester. These shows include The Lutrinae Show (check us out!), The OC3 Show, shows that will be hosted by different clubs, local talent and talk shows.

To sign up to be a part of such a creative and inclusive organization, just email Ottermedia at [email protected].

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