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Spring Break has come and past, and the last few weeks of the semester are here. With only a few weeks left of spring semester, that means registration for classes is coming very soon. Registering for classes can be stressful, so here are some tricks and tips to make sure registering for classes for Summer and Fall 2018 terms goes smoothly.

Registration for Summer 2018 term opens on Friday, April 13 and Fall 2018 registration opens up Monday, April 16!

The course catalog for summer and fall terms is out! If you haven’t had the chance to look at the classes offered over summer and for fall, visit and there you can click on the section in the left hand side of the page and click semester. There, you can see what classes are offered over summer that you could get out of the way, and then look at what classes you plan to take next semester. It is highly encouraged to take summer courses, since that will help you graduate early.

Don’t know whether it is possible to take a summer class or if you are on track classes wise to graduate? Visit the Center for Advising, Career and Student Success. Your academic advisors are here to help you make sure you are on track and discuss options on what classes you could possibly get out of the way over the summer. Registration time however is the advisor’s most busiest time of the year. Make an appointment ASAP if you need to discuss options with your academic advisor.

Don’t know when your registration time for classes is? Just go to your CMS page, then once directed to the home page, it will have a section under holds that says Enrollment Dates. There, it will list a day and time when you register for fall and summer terms. Each student has a personalized time and date depending on grade level or number of units completed. Appointment times are assigned by class level and number of units a student has completed. Appointments are set in descending order, so that the students with the greatest number of completed units are first and the least number of completed units follow.

Rusty on registering for classes? On your dashboard page, click the section that says OASIS (CMS will become OASIS on April 9). Once you get to the Student Center page on OASIS, Under the first section listed of Academics, click the link that says Enroll. It will then direct you to a page where you can choose a term to register; whether it is 2018 summer or 2018 fall. Click what term you want to register for, and then once directed to the correct term page, enter the class number offered when looking at classes on the course catalog.

Make sure you have no holds on your account! If you have holds, the system will not let you register for classes. If you have any questions in regards to any holds on your account, there are numerous types of holds listed, and if you don’t know what type of hold you have or what building to go to in order to take the hold off, go to

Students are limited in how many units they may register for, there are also a separate limit for how many credits’ worth of waitlists you can be on. Keep an eye out when it is registration time so you avoid registering for a class you would be waitlisted for.

You should register as early in the registration period as possible, especially if attempting to enroll in any limited-access courses. Classes fill up quickly, so do not wait to register for your classes! It is highly recommended you register at your registration time in order to get the classes you need. Don’t be that student that can’t get into the class they need to graduate and have to wait another semester to complete it.

Keep an eye out once you register for classes how much you owe in tuition and fees. The deadline to pay tuition and fees is posted to the website and available in the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) catalog. You may pay your bill any time between registration and the due date. You can find information about tuition fees and deadlines by visiting

For continuing students, there will be a Student Registration Notification that will will be sent to your CSUMB email address prior to the first day of registration. This email will include important information to assist you in the registration process, just like this article has! If you do not receive these messages and are a current CSUMB student eligible to register for classes, contact the Office of the Registrar by calling (831)-582-3085, or by visiting their office in Building 47, Student Services Building on the 3rd Floor.

Good luck Otters, and The Lutrinae staff all hopes you get into all the classes you need for summer and fall terms!

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