Kristen Finley

As it prepares to trounce the full-size off-road-ready truck market, Chevy reveals the ace up its sleeve

Chevy has recently added the smaller Chevy Colorado ZR2 and the Chevy Bison to compete alongside the onslaught of mid-sized off-road...

Does the Gladiator live up to its name?

Just so we’re clear, the Gladiator may seem innovative and different, but the Gladiator isn’t Jeep’s first attempt at a pickup....

The Wrangler is mighty, but so is the Land Rover Discovery

Forever mortalized by pop stars and off-road enthusiasts is the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler was inspired by the Willys “Quad” Jeep...

An oldie, but a damn goodie.

Admittedly, 2002 wasn’t a good year for Americans who liked cars. American manufacturers were coming into the age of caring more...

It’s not in America yet, but we all want one

An in-depth look at Ford's new Ranger Raptor, its absense in the American market and what makes it so appealing as a mid-size off-road truck.

September Horoscopes

With summer in the rearview, let’s see what the signs can expect down the road with September's horoscopes.