Who is running in Monterey County

2018 Local upcoming midterm elections

With Monterey County’s midterm elections coming up on Nov. 6, it is important for residents to be aware of who is running and understand who they are voting for. The last day to register to vote is Oct. 22.

Ian Oglesby, Kayla Jones and Lisa Anne Sawhney are running for the position of mayor of Seaside. Oglesby is a former city council member and peace officer involved with youth crime prevention, who former Mayor Ralph Rubio described as a man of “good character, integrity and experience.” Jones is a city council member and former campaign volunteer for both Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders and if elected, will be the youngest mayor in California. Sawhney is a business owner and advisor dedicated to economic development and affordable housing and transportation, as well as parks and recreation.

Additionally, Jason Campbell, Sam Gaskins, Regina Mason, Dennis Volk and Jon Wizard are all running for the Seaside City Council. Campbell is currently a city council member, Gaskins is a pastor, Mason is a retired social worker, Volk is a business owner and Wizard is a member of the City of Seaside Environmental Committee.

Bruce Carlos Delgado and Bob Nolan are running for the position of mayor of Marina. Delgado has been the mayor since 2008 and is a botanist a part of the green party. Nolan is a retired police commander and former supporter of Delgado, who has worked for the city for the last 30 years.

Additionally, Lisa Berkley and Adam Urrutia are both running for the Marina City Council. Berkley is a planning commissioner and Urrutia is a data coordinator.

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