Student Perspectives on newest Supreme Court Justice

“I personally don’t think Judge Kavanaugh is fit to be the Supreme Court Judge,” said Elyse Brian, a junior a California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). “I don’t think he has the correct morals or personality for such a position. I think it gives the wrong message to youth and young girls in particular.”

“I don’t think Brett Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court,” said Steve Real, a student at CSUMB. “I understand during such sexual assault allegations you have to listen to both sides, but the latest FBI investigation was a joke. It was rushed and they should have interviewed the other women as well.”

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in as Supreme Court Justice on Oct. 6, which sparked outrage among protesters due to the allegations against him of sexual assault and misconduct from three women. Christine Blasey Ford, who is a college professor, claims that Kavanaugh allegedly attempted to rape her at a house party while they were in high school decades ago. Deborah Ramirez claims that Kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself to her while at Yale college and Julie Swetnick accuses Kavanaugh of alleged gang rape. Despite these allegations, the Senate voted for Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court with a 50-48 majority, which brought up a national conversation about gender and privilege.

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