Real Love

Late at night, when he closed his eyes, that’s when his imagination really felt like it belonged to itself. This made it hard for him to sleep but his darling had a way of easing his mind. Rolling over he shoved his arm under her pillow and pulled himself closer. The shape of her body fit perfectly into his. He knew his restlessness irritated her, but she never got upset with him. She was impossibly patient with him and he often wondered if she was part of his night time hallucinations. Nothing could be this perfect. Could it?

“Hey Puppet?” He whispered into her ear

“What?” she asked her voice inviting.

“Are you real?”

“Yes, I am real, now go to sleep.”

Content with that he rolled over, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Her eyes stayed open, like they always did. They stared blankly towards the ceiling. Her absent gaze mixed with pale moonlight and cast shadows around the room. Together, the boy and the painted wooden doll drifted off to sleep.

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