Untitled Poem

Sometimes it’s sad to see
The affects my dreams play on me
Suppose to be smart and strong
When all I’ve come to learn and feel
Is weak and dumb
This isn’t how things were supposed to be
College degree, career, marriage and kids all by the age of 23
And no one sat there and was real with me
They all sat there and supported my head in the clouds
To me that comes off pretty foul
Raised to believe there’s this false image of living happily ever after
When really sadness has been the main source of making my soul feel on fire
Happiness didn’t come until I was 18 and free to embrace who I wanted to be
My personal life thrived as my educational strive died
And here I lie still trying to learn and figure the meaning to this life
Am I destined to be a one in a million
Or simply another corpse who forever envies the living of over a billion

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