Myth BUSTer: 12 Sex Myths to Ignore

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1. The Bigger the Better

BUST! Although size is stereotypically the make it or break it in a male’s self confidence, when it comes to sex, the smaller the better! According to who? The G-spot! Which is located 2-inches into the vagina. Technically, that means only the penis head actually stimulates a female orgasm. Bigger penises typically miss that womanly sweet spot. So put those rulers away gentlemen, because bigger does not guarantee satisfaction.

2. The first time HURTS!

BUST! The first time a female has sex does not hurt any more than any other time thereafter. The only reason it would hurt the first time would be due to lack of lubrication, often leading to tearing or uncomfortable rubbing. Or in the case of a partner being far too rough.

3. Skinny Sex!

Alright this one is true… to an extent! While sex might feel like a great workout at the time, it only burns roughly 21 calories. So don’t completely exchange your exercise time for sexy time. Why not both?

4. Double Bag it!

BUST! Wearing two condoms at a time during sex does not prove to be a very effective way to prevent pregnancy. Rather, it can increase chances of pregnancy due to friction, causing ripping in the condoms. So set the box aside and stick to the one!

5. Clitoris= Orgasm

BUST! There is more to the vagina than just the tiny clitoris folks. The clitoral complex actually wraps around the entire inside of the vagina and is the cause of the famous G-spot. As well as all other vaginal orgasms.

6. Hot and Steamy

BUST! Having sex in a hot tub, bath, shower or pool will not prevent pregnancy. While studies have shown that sperm count is lowered by 30- minutes in hot water, it cannot kill sperm. That means once the sperm enters the vagina, it still goes to work.

7. Men enjoy anal too!

This one is also true, but not in all cases. The prostate gland is located in the male anus, which causes an intense climax. It simply depends how comfortable the male is with things near his anus. This will make or break the experience.

8. Lots of sex= stretchy vagina

BUST! Sex cannot permanently stretch a vagina. Just as well, large penises will not change the vaginal shape or size.

9. Every woman has a vagina

Bust! Not really. One’s sexual organs do not correlate to gender identity. A person can identify themselves as the gender they feel most comfortable in, despite their genitalia! This means anyone can identify as a male, female or even both. The choice is yours my friends! Be who you want to be!

10. Drinking and drugs mean better sex!

Right? Wrong! This one is a total bust. Sorry kids, while drugs and alcohol make it seem more fun in the moments leading up to sex, it actually makes things more difficult. The things that make sex feel good, like getting it up or the ability to orgasm, are harder to acquire. It also leads to premature ejaculation, failure to pull-out and impotence. Plus, it is of hard to have sex when you both fall asleep on top of each other after a night of drinking.

11. Blue balls? Yeah right.

Actually, this is true! While it won’t kill a male for not having sex after being worked up, it will cause muscle tension, leading to mild discomfort. But this will go away after a little while, so don’t feel pressured to cure those blue balls.

12. Oysters are an aphrodisiac

BUST! Simmer down there, seafood lovers. There is no actual evidence that proves oysters have any effect in libido. Sadly, it is just a placebo effect, so whatever makes you feel better.

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