What the heck is that?

To start off the Sex-tion, I will share a story about a first attempt at sex that I feel all people can learn from. When I was in high school, I had two friends that were just learning about sex and how to be safe. These friends grew up in families that were very religious and stuck to abstinence-only conversations when it came to sex education. So when it came to them seeking pleasure, they were left with no education on what to do.

They were a straight couple and only knew that they wanted to take their relationship to a sexual level. They were left to their own devices, which most people can find sex to be scary and intimidating. They made a mistake that I will never forget. After a short and unsuccessful attempt at sex between them where, for lack of better terminology, no happy ending was reached for either party. My friends immediately realized that they hadn’t used any protection and knew there could be consequences. So they decided that to avoid pregnancy, the best answer to their problem was hand sanitizer.

At this point some of you might be ahead of me, but my friends decided that the best way in this situation to avoid pregnancy was to insert Purell inside of her vagina to “clean” any of the sperm that could have gotten inside of her. Now I know that this is completely ridiculous and my friend spent many hours crying and almost went to the hospital due to the pain, but this is a very true story. It is awkward and uncomfortable but this is life. It is important to spread education about sex to all people so that situations like this no longer take place.

The Sex-tion is a weekly column addressing sex, sexuality, and relationships. There are many different and diverse things that this column can and will cover over the course of the semester. The Lutrinae is excited to have different students write about their experiences to normalize conversations about sex and sexualities. We are looking for writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences to share their stories with the California State University, Monterey Bay community. If you are someone that comes from a diverse background and are excited about sharing your stories, please email us at [email protected].

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