Iranian Revolts 2017-2018

A small protest on December 28, 2017, due to prices in Mashhad, has now escalated into a nationwide revolution. Ranging from causes of widespread unemployment to the oppressive regime, which has continued its disregard for the struggle of its citizens.

The Iranian political climate has become embroiled within the struggles of its citizens. Food prices and cost of living in Iran are increasing, as political figures manage to live in lavish. The rampant corruption and economic inequality in Iran and a 12% unemployment rate, along with a 40% labor participation rate, have left Iranian citizens struggling through trying times.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have expressed support to Iranian loyalists, a masked protester responds, “they go to hell and leave us alone”. The current revolts in Iran are the greatest sources of tension within the nation’s long standing economic crisis, which had only been worsened by sanctions placed on the nation.

Beyond external forces worsening the current state of Iran, the government has been long viewed as corrupt by Iranian citizens, given the increasing income inequality between politicians and the people. The Iranian people have suffered beyond the recent revolts, having overthrown a previous regime, in order to replace it with their current regime. This was pursued in hopes to deliver the justice that was lost within the previous regime. But they have been left empty handed, as they witness the new power abuse their position just as those before them.

Iranian women have developed a new revolt branch fighting for equal rights, which is gaining traction. Women in Iran currently have a higher education than most women in neighboring middle eastern countries. Although conditions have improved, the government has not taken any major steps towards rectifying this inequality. Though Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has stated that he wants reforms.

The vice president has stated that he will make efforts to ease economic issues, though recently they have increased police involvement in protests resulting in 23 deaths, and the arrests of 3,700 demonstrators.

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