Letter from the AS President (January 25)

AS President Lauren McClain.

Welcome back Otters, I hope your break went swimmingly!

My name is Lauren McClain, and I am currently in my second term serving as your Associated Students President. All of the officers have been working very hard to make sure your voice is heard and the campus is a great place to be.

Now that everyone is back, it is time get ready for the Associated Students Elections. We will have 14 open officer positions. If you are interested, you can find the packets online beginning Jan. 22 at csumb.edu/as/elections. If you have any questions you can send an email to [email protected].

If you haven’t heard, there are some new institutional changes happening in the CSU.

The first is Executive Order 1100. Our GE requirements will align better with the other 22
campuses — which makes transferring to CSUMB easier. Also with this executive order, we will have more three-unit courses, as opposed to our current four-unit load.

The next change is Executive Order 1110, which will impact first-year students. Based on the individual’s readiness for college-level math and writing, they will have the opportunity to either enter in the Early Start Program, or enter into a normal (year-long) math course or an accelerated (semester-long) course. Placement into a normal course will be for students who need more support. As opposed to remedial courses, a passed class will earn college credit.

With all these changes going into effect in the years to come, you don’t need to change your entire academic plan because of your catalog rights. You and everyone else enrolled at CSUMB have been grandfathered in to a catalogue that belongs to your student records based on the year you entered or declared your major.

The year is only halfway through and I have had a great time serving as your Associated Students President. I am honored to represent such a great student body. Please feel free to reach out to me at any point during the semester.

See you around!

Lauren McClain
[email protected]

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