Volume 3: Issue 12

Winterlands invades CSUMB

Winterlands 2020 concert brought EDM and local DJs to CSUMB's Black Box Cabaret last week.


A name passed down by my fatheralong with his bipolar disorder and fear of attachment.As a child,I was told stories of Ethridges before me...

What are your goals for the spring semester?

This week, we asked our fellow Otters what their goals are for the spring semester.

Electric scooters return to CSUMB

CSUMB students were excited to find that electric scooters have returned to campus.

Fires continue to blaze over Australia

Huge wildfires continue to burn in Australia during what seems like one of its longest summer seasons yet.

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Letter from the editor

Dear Otters, The Lutrinae will be taking a brief hiatus over the fall break and will be pausing production until we return to campus on...