New generation of gaming consoles announced

Game controllers. (Photo/Arianna Nalbach)

The next generation of gaming consoles is quickly approaching. Over the summer, both Microsoft and Sony announced that they would be releasing new consoles, with Microsoft revealing the Xbox Series X and Sony revealing the Playstation 5 (PS5). 

The Xbox Series X is set to release on Nov. 10 and the PS5 will release two days later on Nov. 12. Both consoles are available for preorder now. The Xbox Series X and PS5 will both retail for $499.99. If that price isn’t in the budget, Sony is offering a Digital Edition of the PS5 for $399.99 and the Xbox Series S will cost $299.99.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have promising specs and there aren’t any huge differences giving one console the advantage. However, the Xbox series X will run a bit faster and has slightly more storage space than the PS5. 

The Xbox series also has the potential for better graphics than the PS5. While both have 4K and 8K TV support, the Xbox series X’s graphics card will have 12 teraflops – which refers to how many operations per second it will be able to handle. The PS5 will support 10.3 teraflops. This may not seem huge, but it can show a pretty significant difference in graphics. However, just because the Xbox Series X offers 12 teraflops, doesn’t mean every game will take advantage of it.

As far as the specs go, both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are pretty evenly matched. The Xbox may have a few advantages, but overall, if someone

is more interested in getting the PS5, they should still go with that. 

Potentially more important than the specs, are the exclusives coming to each console. The Xbox Series X and PS5 both have promising titles coming to them and whichever one is better really comes down to everyone’s individual opinion. 

A few of the first-party titles that will be coming to Xbox series X include Halo Infinite, Fable, State of Decay 3, Everwild, Avowed, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, The Medium, Senua’s Sage: Hellblade II and Scorn. All of these titles will be released on PC as well, except for Scorn.

You can find a full list of games confirmed to come to Xbox Series X and Series S here. You can also see trailers for most of the games in that list.

The first-party games coming to PS5 include New God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Demon Souls. 

You can find a full list of games confirmed to come to the PS5 and their trailers here.

Whether you prefer Xbox or Playstation, the future looks promising. Both upcoming consoles have intriguing titles coming to them and have great specs that look like they will hold up for a long time to come.

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