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Question: How many times have you changed your major?

Michael Vang, Third Year social, behavioral and global studies anthropology major

Michael Vang

Third Year
Current major: Social, Behavioral and Global Studies: anthropology
“I’ve changed my major four times, about to be five. I am looking into switching to journalism. My original plan was to graduate Spring 2020, but it looks like I’ll be graduating Fall 2020 instead.”

Samantha Chavez, Second Year Kinesiology major.

Samantha Chavez

Second Year
Current major: Kinesiology
“I have never changed my major. I had a plan when I came to college. The only thing I looked into was possibly a biology major, but I went with Kinesiology because I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist.”

Laurel Doyle, Third Year VPA major.

Laurel Doyle

Third Year
Current major: visual and performing arts
“I am VPA as of now, but I am planning on changing to a teaching program in child development. I really enjoy being a stable system for kids in public schools, especially for lower-income areas where kids may not be safe or comfortable all of the time. Although I’m an artist, I figured with teaching I could still do art on the side. Check out my Instagram @third_kidney_designs”

Mario Gonzalez, Third Year Spanish major.

Mario Gonzalez

Third Year
Current major: Spanish
“I have never changed my major. I knew that I wanted to major in Spanish. I started learning it as general education and was really interested and wanted to learn more. Spanish is really good for a wide variety of jobs when you are bilingual or fluent.”

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