Lime scooters return after break

Just as quickly as they appeared, the Lime scooters vanished from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) over the winter break. Some students might not have even noticed that they were gone in the first place, though others were disappointed. However, the Lime scooters, whether you noticed or not, were gone and returned over the weekend for students to use as classes begin again.

“Campus planning along with the University Police Department and Lime were in constant communication over break,” said Matthew McCluney, CSUMB’s senior campus planner, “Lime decided to bring the fleet back in for maintenance and other work as students wouldn’t be needing [the scooters].”

The scooters came back better than ever, restoring some of their bells and whistles that had diminished due to their constant use in the past semester. Lime took the time to fix any scooters that were broken and retire any scooters that no longer functioned. McCluney also informed The Lutrinae of the Lime scooter rodeo that was held twice as part of welcome back week on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The rodeo was designed for students, not only to win prizes, but to learn how to ride the electric scooters in a safe environment. Rules and regulations regarding the scooters were covered and demonstrated for students.

For those who were unable to attend these events The Lutrinae saw fit to take a moment to refresh on the ins and outs of the Lime scooters.

“Lime is revolutionizing mobility in cities and campuses by empowering residents with a greener, more efficient, and affordable transportation option that also improves urban sustainability,” according to the CSUMB website on Lime-S. Although these scooters are efficient and affordable, they still have rules and regulations to follow with their freedom. The same web page continues with information on how to be safe while using Lime scooters, including the following list:

Follow these safety tips

  • California law requires wearing a helmet while riding.
  • California law requires the rider to hold a driver’s license or permit.
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • One rider per scooter
  • Do not bring scooters indoors
  • Leave at least one ear free of headphones while riding
  • Park scooters near building entrances, on pavement, but clear of any doorways and pathways
  • Walk scooters in crosswalks and busy pathways

While all of these rules seem like common sense, it can still take some reminding when returning to campus after such a long break. Another important safety tip regarding Lime scooters comes from the CSUMB Student Housing Community Standards. These standards state, “Lime scooters are not allowed inside of any residential building on campus. Lime scooters are owned by Lime, not by individual residents, therefore there is no need for them to enter the building as they should be outside for public use.”

Lime scooters should always be left outside, saving Lime scooters can be done by pausing your ride within the app. Other than that the scooters can not be held inside any campus building, campus housing or private building. The scooters should always remain outdoors. Along with this, the policy also addresses the charging of Lime scooters.

“Residents are prohibited from bringing Lime scooters into any residential building to charge them. Individuals found in possession of such prohibited devices may be subject to conduct action…” states the CSUMB Student Housing Community Standards. Becoming a Lime Juicer is prohibited by anyone living in campus housing, this includes students living in East Campus.

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