Upcoming Concerts

After an exciting year of new releases from popular artists, several are touring the Bay Area throughout the final month of 2018 and into January to kick off 2019 right!

Beach Fossils and Wavves

Beach Fossils and Wavves are performing at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz on Dec. 11, as well as at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Dec. 12-13. Both bands released albums last year – “You’re Welcome” by Wavves on May 19 and “Somersault” by Beach Fossils on June 2. Grateful Shred will also be performing in Santa Cruz at The Catalyst on Dec. 21.

Shannon and the Clams

On Dec. 31, Shannon and the Clams are performing in their hometown of Oakland at The New Parish to celebrate the new year. Their latest album, “Onion,” was released earlier this year on Feb. 16. The Chapel in San Francisco is hosting The Mattson 2 on Jan. 10. Despite their debut – and only album thus far – being released in 2011, the duo recently released an EP, “Play ‘A Love Supreme’,” on Aug. 17.

Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi is performing with Wet in San Francisco at The Fillmore on Jan. 15-16. His upcoming album, “Outer Peace,” is scheduled to be released on Jan. 18. Remember Sports is touring their latest album, “Slow Buzz,” at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on Jan. 17.

Dick Stusso and Sonny & the Sunsets

On Jan. 18, Dick Stusso and Sonny & the Sunsets are performing in San Francisco at The Independent. Stusso’s latest album, “In Heaven,” was released on March 2 of this year. Sonny & the Sunsets haven’t released an album since 2016’s “Moods Baby Moods” – possibly due to frontman, Sonny Smith’s, active pursuit of his solo project – with “Rod for Your Love” also being released on March 2.

Snail Mail

Snail Mail is performing at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Jan. 24. Their most recent album, “Lush,” was released on June 8.

Tickets for all of the shows mentioned are available on Ticketmaster, StubHub and the artists’ websites.

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