A rant on education and science

The capabilities of humanity do not stop here, it is the responsibility of our collective species to push the boundaries of what is possible with the sciences in order to push out species into a new age. Our leaders and the very structure of our nation should be built as to promote the growth of the sciences and if we can do this then the potential our species has for growth is remarkable. Science despite its natural value is not only important for increasing our understanding of all that is around us but for improving the quality of life of individuals.

Let’s take a look at the history of our own nation prior to the industrial revolution and modern medicine. People were dying of illnesses we now see as fairly common and easy to treat like the common cold. In terms of technology they did not have the same luxuries that we do now in terms of medical instruments, entertainment through television and the internet, and ease of access to information in order to promote education amongst the general populace.

We live in an age where many of us at least here in our community are able to have access to education, free reign to access the internet and all the information it holds, and the ability to strive towards a better world through education and research. Every human being should have access to schooling and education, all people should have access to proper medical care and insurance in order to promote their livelihood, and we should have a schooling system focusing on cultivating the inquisitive nature of humans opposed to cramming information down their throats in order to do well on evaluations of a schools performance.

It is important to know world history, basic sciences revolving the world around us, mathematics, and language. The last two are truly fundamental to an individual being able to enter the job market. But this is not enough, the most crucial skill to be successful is being able to learn new skills and what is more important to learning new skills than to have the curiosity and drive to learn new things. We need to raise a generation of scientists that don’t just question the validity of things in front of them but also ask why.

The most important question in the world of science is why. And if we can understand why things have the functions and abilities that they do we can then use this to not only improve our understanding of the world around us but also put it to use in order to change the world around us! We did not become all we are today by sitting around being content. It is this underlying dissatisfaction that pushes humans to grow. Would we have grown from those early hominids if we had not tried finding easier and more successful ways to survive? The concept I am trying to push for is a society that aims for a technological utopia, a society in which we promote advances and intellectualism.

It is important as young people to look at what we want our future to be like. Do we want a government dictated by politicians who cling so dearly towards pushing their parties agenda that the common people are left behind or by people who view humanity in its entirety beyond just the borders of just our nation? A party’s agenda can be to promote the wellness of humanity, we have such parties now. Though the argument I am trying to make is that the future lies within the sciences and we need to collectively support these endeavors to advance our species and must choose leaders which do the same. For there is no greater tool than knowledge and the ones who wield it can build the world to their design.

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