Scrambling for advising

Registration for the spring 2019 semester is only a few weeks away, leaving many students feeling stressed. It can be difficult to determine which classes one needs to take to fulfill necessary requirements and have enough units to be on track to graduate.

The best resources on campus to help with the registration process are the academic advisors, who are specific to your major. Each academic major has a designated advisor who is able to help determine which classes to take, how many units you need and how to stay on track towards graduating within four years.

Because meeting with an advisor is so beneficial, it can unfortunately be very difficult to schedule a meeting with your advisor in a timely manner. Often, advisors are booked weeks ahead because advising appointments are in such high demand, which can be frustrating when you want to have your schedule figured out as soon as possible.

There is another way to get your academic questions answered—advisors have “walk-in” appointments on Wednesdays, which are great opportunities to get your basic questions answered. Walk-in appointments are brief, but can still be very helpful. However, scheduling an appointment with your advisor is always the best way to get the information you need to be on track. Walk-in appointments, as well as regular appointments, take place on the third floor of the library.

If you are unsure who to speak to for academic advising, you can check the university website to determine who is the advisor is for your specific major. There is also an academic advisor for those who have yet to declare their major.

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