Growing Pains

Rent is late.
No money in the bank,
Got an empty gas tank.
Trying to breathe in between sobs.

Don’t grow up too fast, they say.
Now I see why:
Tripping, falling
It’s a struggle to get by.
I jumped out of the nest;
I thought I could fly.
I was too quick
Too eager
Too ready to say goodbye.

Hanging by the rings around my eyes
Drag myself out of bed
one more time.
A quiet morning.
A sleepy lover.
The cloud above my head
Begins to blow over.
The sky is blue and bright,
My skin dappled with sunlight,
Don’t worry honey─
Things will be alright.

Laughter with friends
The adventure never ends
Late night study sessions
Sunday morning surf lessons
Look on the bright side
Take a walk on the wild side
Sit back kid
and enjoy the ride.

So I’ll write my sorrows
And hope for better tomorrows.
Learning day by day
I’ll find my way.
I’ll shake off these chains
After all…
They’re just growing pains

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