Students on Executive Order 1100

Many people are still unaware of what Executive Order (EO) 1100 is and what that means for the students here at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Here is EO 1100 explained in easy terms. What you need to know is that CSU Chancellor, Timothy White, made it mandatory that a certain number of changes be made to the California State University (CSU) curriculum.

One of the main issues that EO 1100 brought to attention was the language requirement that our campus holds near and dear. There was not be enough room for all of the changes to be made to the curriculum while still keeping the language requirement. This caused commotion throughout our university because the end of the language requirement means that the professors in the school of World Languages & Cultures might lose their jobs.

A second big change that EO 1100 will be implementing is changing all General Education classes from four units to three units. This would decrease current class time from one hour and 50 minutes to one hour and 20 minutes.

Although a lot of very important decisions were made in regards to the future of CSUMB students, a lot of students have no idea what EO 1100 is.

“I’m all for it. Change the class time to an hour and 20 minutes! I honestly believe that is the best thing for students and faculty. When I was in community college an hour was way too short and an hour and 50 minutes seems too long. Students start to lose interest and professors run out of things to say,” said Alejandra Montoya, a senior Liberal Studies major.

“As for the language requirement, I never liked it. I grew up speaking Spanish and English and I thought it was dumb that I had to take a Spanish class. I found that a lot of my friends and family that came here say the same thing. It doesn’t make sense to take so much of a language if it doesn’t relate to your major. They should make it optional,” Montoya finished.

“I honestly think it’s kind of dumb. I would rather just get the units over and done with. I feel like if they cut the units and the amount of class time then we will end up learning less. I appreciate the amount of class time and workload that I have at the moment and anything else would feel like not enough,” said Shaylea Stark a Junior and Environmental Science Technology and Policy major.

No matter how students feel toward EO 1100, Model 14 Revised V2 has been voted in by the Academic Senate. You can read about it here.

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