Untitled Poem

For as long as I can remember
I knew I was different than the average human race member
Being told since day one
To stay ahead and be better than everyone
Always being pushed to take the shape of a ghost
Screaming out to be heard and seen as my own
Dedicated my everything to school and what I thought were my dreams
Falling in the line of obedience n’ believing everything was fine as it seems
Always following a strict schedule
Forced to stay a busy worker bee
When one day things all became so clear to me
I had been hiding in my shell
Afraid of letting anyone see or know the real me
That even I didn’t recognize my own identity
Who is Katie?
Well I’m damn excited to find out and see
I won’t let this society define the shape of my entirety
I must remain happy and humble
If not I know I’ll begin to stumble
I have no control over the series of unfortunate events life brings
Only control on the effect they play on my being
It’s okay to be lost, it’s necessary
In order for me to really be able to understand and see

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