Letter from the Editor

Hello Otters,

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring semester at California State University, Monterey Bay! I just want to remind everyone that elections are coming up for positions within the Associated Students (AS).

Unfortunately in the past, voter turnout has been low, with just under 10 percent of students voting for candidates. I think as a university, we should all take a moment to decipher just how important it is to vote for the next candidates for this next election. As a student body, we were all given the opportunity to have a say in who should win all the different positions AS has to offer. Within these different positions, who we elect makes important decisions regarding our campus.

Because of this, I feel that it is important for everyone to vote this year, and in the future AS elections to come. We need to be involved as a family of Otters to make sure that we elect the right candidates into office to improve our campus and help with future decisions within the AS.

Thank you to the 11 candidates who are in the running for this year’s elections. I hope to see everyone on their computers voting on April 9. To learn more about the voting process, please read the article “Associated Student elections, voting begins Monday” on the front page of this week’s issue by Sam Robinson, or read it on our website. To read the profiles of our candidates, please refer to Issue 8 of The Lutrinae on pages 4 and 5, or check it out here. Make sure to listen to speeches from our candidates on our radio show The Lutrinae Live this Friday, April 6 from 12pm- 2pm on Ottermedia.

Thank you Otters!

Ashley Mae Orcutt
Editor-in-Chief of The Lutrinae

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