Lazy Lovers

My lover’s rhythmic heartbeat hums in my head
Gentle sunlight begins to lay itself across the bed
The young, morning air caresses my cheek
And revives my drowsy physique

My lips part into a smile as I lock eyes with him
Pure bliss fills our souls to the brim
We beam because the day is ours alone
The counting minutes and hours are our own

The lovely spring day awaits our decision
Should we hike the Carmel hills or watch television?
Our lazy bones tell us to lounge in the cloud of sheets
And munch on delicious yet guilty eats

We both know the answer; it is clear in our eyes
We exchange dimpled smiles; it is hardly a compromise
There are days for adrenaline rushes and adventurous thrill
And there are days for staying in bed and being perfectly still
Can you guess what this day is for?
Or need I say more?

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