Listen to The Lutrinae Live every Friday

Every Friday from now to the end of the semester, “The Lutrinae Live” will broadcast live on Ottermedia. Members of The Lutrinae newspaper such as myself, Sara Hollingsworth, Samantha Calderon, Sarah Boulerice, Tyler Winters and others will broadcast our student voices on campus and talk about a variety of different subjects in the paper—or anything else we may want to talk about.

The topics we touch up on come straight from our newspaper, The Lutrinae, where our broadcasters go more into depth about the news written about in each article. For example, broadcasters on “The Lutrinae Live” have taken the stories of Executive Order 1100 and discussed more in-depth on what the bill is and how they feel about it. We have also discussed numerous stories once they have come out, and even foster dialogues on topics that we don’t mention in the paper, such as our favorite Netflix shows, favorite music and even social justice issues. We take requests from audience members on what topics we should talk about, or what music we should listen to.

All in all, I love being a broadcaster for “The Lutrinae Live.” In the future, many staff members from The Lutrinae have voiced that they are interested in broadcasting on “The Lutrinae Live,” so there will be a variety of voices each week talking about their differing views on topics discussed. There are also plans to bring performers, poets, and interviews onto our radio show in the future as our show continues to blossom throughout the semester.

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